Executive Coaching & Consulting

We specialize in executive and leadership coaching utilizing active communication techniques to assist the client in prioritizing needs desires and values, while drawing on the strengths, insights, and creativity of the individual client. We work with clients in developing new leadership capabilities and new ways of thinking and acting that are generalized to a multitude of professional and personal situations and roles. Coaching provides a safe, confidential space for clients to pause and reflect on possibilities for their personal lives, their organization, lifework and community.Coaching closes the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. With coaching, you can experience fresh perspectives on your challenges and opportunities, enhance your thinking and decision–making skills, increase your interpersonal effectiveness and feel more confident to carry out your chosen work and life roles.

It is often said that you manage by walking around. We at Active Coaching Techniques believe that you lead by engaging others to follow you. Whether in the private, public, non-profit sector, or as parents or otherwise in our personal lives, we are all called upon at some time to step into a leadership position.

At Active Coaching Techniques we work with you on your self determined agenda to facilitate and coach you in processes that build and strengthen your ability to entice others to follow your leadership